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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom compiling - newbie questions

From: Martin Baker
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom compiling - newbie questions
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 17:02:15 +0000
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Thanks very much for your reply, this gives me a clearer idea of the issues 

In view of what you said and having looked at the Aldor site I think I will 
stay with the Spad compiler.

I tried:
)show GrassmanAlgebra
and the output looked reasonable.

I thought that the problems that I saw were related to the compiler error 
messages or to this message:
"Compiling AXIOM source code from file axiom/grassman.spad using old system 

However, after more trial and error, I think the problems that I am seeing 
must be due to some kind of name clash?
The problem I am seeing is this: 

(4) -> j: H2 := e(2)

   >> System error:
   Unknown bfd format

Full sequence below.

I am guessing that 'e' is exposed by both the existing CliffordAlgebra and by 
GrassmanAlgebra which I created. I tried:

)set expose drop constructor CliffordAlgebra

but that only hides the constructor, is there a way to hide the variables and 
functions also?


(1) -> )set mes auto off
(1) -> K := Fraction Polynomial Integer

   (1)  Fraction Polynomial Integer
                                                                 Type: Domain
(2) -> m := matrix[[-1,0],[0,-1]]

        +- 1   0 +
   (2)  |        |
        + 0   - 1+
                                                         Type: Matrix Integer
(3) -> )library GRAS
   GrassmanAlgebra is now explicitly exposed in frame frame0
   GrassmanAlgebra will be automatically loaded when needed from
(3) -> )set expose drop constructor CliffordAlgebra
   CliffordAlgebra is now explicitly hidden in frame frame0
(3) -> H2 := GrassmanAlgebra(2, K, quadraticForm m)

   (3)  GrassmanAlgebra(2,Fraction Polynomial Integer,MATRIX)
                                                                 Type: Domain
(4) -> j: H2 := e(2)

   >> System error:
   Unknown bfd format

(4) -> )set expose drop group CliffordAlgebra
   CliffordAlgebra is not a known exposure group name.
(4) -> j: H2 := e(2)$GrassmanAlgebra(2,Fraction Polynomial Integer,MATRIX)

   Although Matrix is the name of a constructor, a full type must be
      specified in the context you have used it. Issue )show Matrix for
      more information.
(4) ->j: H2 := e(2)$GrassmanAlgebra(2,Fraction Polynomial 
Integer,QuadraticForm(2,Fraction Polynomial Integer))

   Cannot convert from type Domain to QuadraticForm(2,Fraction
      Polynomial Integer) for value

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