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[Axiom-developer] Axiom release for November 2009

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom release for November 2009
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 00:43:22 -0500
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Summary: November 2009 release

The major changes are:
  A new )describe command, boot language removal, and more motion
  toward a fully literate system.

The )describe command was added.

  The )describe function was added to Volume 5 (Interpreter)
  The )describe function was documented in Volume 2 (Users Guide)
  The Description field for the Categories, Domains, and Packages
  were cleanup up and reformatted in Volumes 10.2 (Categories)
  10.3 (Domains) and 10.4 (Packages)

Boot Language removal

   All of the boot-converted lisp files were reformatted from their
   compiler generated output. These files are being merged into
   Volume 5 (Interpreter) and Volume 9 (Compiler) as appropriate.
   This work will continue for the next few releases.

   All or portions of the following files were merged into
   Volume 5 (Interpreter):
     astr, cstream.lisp, dq, incl, int-top, i-syscmd, msg, nci,
     obey, osyscmd, parini, patches, pile, scan

   The src/boot subdirectory is gone, including the files:
     Makefile, boot-proclaims, boothdr, bootload, btincl2, btpile2,
     btscan2, ccl-bootsys, ccl-depsys.lsp, exports.lisp, npextras, ptyout,
     tyextra, typars, typrops, tytree1, sys-pkg, vmlisp, ptrees, wi2

   The bootsys image is no longer part of the build process

Patch ports from Fricas and Open-Axiom

   The Tuples patch was picked up and applied.

   The SXHASH function is the hash default in SetCategory

   The function ListOfTerms was renamed to listOfTerms

Input file changes

   New input files have been added to show how to compute
   results using Axiom or to create regression tests for fixes:
     complexfactor, rubey, zimmbron, branchcut, cachedf, finitegraph,
     newtonlisp, nonlinhomodiffeq, distexpr, numericgamma, donsimple
     solveperf, tuplebug, unit-macro, testprob, unittest2

   lexp was removed and moved to the LEXP algebra file

   dop and gstbl had minor fixes

New Help files and Function examples were added

   There are new help files:
     describe, AlgebraicallyClosedField, RationalFunctionSum,
     RadicalSolvePackage, PartialFractionPackage, Product,

Website update:

 The developer.html page was rewritten. An old Scratchpad group
 photo was added to the site.

 Work continues on re-hosting the domain.

 We now own and which will
 be retargetted to the new host as soon as it is available

Interpreter changes:

   Axiom will sit in a single package in the near future.
   The VMLISP package was partially removed from the system.
   Work continues on this path.

   The file is created earlier in the parallel build
   so there are fewer compiler messages about documentation.


   A Cohen algebra domain is being developed to enable symbolic
   manipulation of expressions with explanations and controlled

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