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[Axiom-developer] Axiom release - March 2010

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom release - March 2010
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 18:53:23 -0500
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Axiom has been released for March, 2010.

The source is at:
as well as the Ubuntu binary. Other binaries are being built
and will be made available as they complete.


March 2010 Release

This release concentrated on treeshaking more code into the Interpreter
volume. Support for )set break quit was added. Additional documentation
was added for branch cuts and clifford algebras. The first draft of a
new volume (10.5) on Numerics was added. An example of unicode was tested
to fulfill the long-term goal of unicode I/O support.

This release is an interim step in the process of merging the interpreter
source code into a single volume. Due to the size and complexity of the
task it will take several releases.

Three people were added to the credits list:
  John P. Fletcher <address@hidden>
  Nathaniel Daly <address@hidden
  Ted Kosan <address@hidden>

The Axiom website was completely rewritten based on a new style css
provided by Nate. This change was also made to

There is a new set option ")set break quit" per Ralf Hemmecke.
This will cause the interpreter to quit on failure. Documentation
was added to the books.

books/bookvol4 Axiom Developers Guide
  add )set break quit

books/bookvol5 Axiom Interpreter
  add )set break quit
  add support for IndexedBits
  begin documentation of macex
  merge and remove lisp files from src/interp
  remove non-common lisp macros
  rewrite to common lisp functions

books/bookvol7.1 Axiom Hyperdoc Pages
  add jan2010 what's new page
  books/ps/v71jan2010.eps added
  books/ps/v71releasenotes.eps updated for January 2010

books/bookvol8 Axiom Graphics
  redefine R1 in view3D for ARM processor

books/bookvol10 Axiom Algebra Implementation
  A new section on Elementary Functions branch cuts based on the
  Numerical Mathematics Consortium was added.

books/bookvol10.1 Axiom Algebra Theory
  A new chapter on the Clifford algebra was added.
  A quote on quaternions from Altman was added

books/bookvol10.3 Axiom Domains
  defstream function and KAFILE test bug fixed
  fix IndexedBits range error
  remove non-common lisp macros
  rewrite to common lisp functions

books/bookvol10.4 Axiom Packages
  add Ted Kosan to credits
  fix broken credit test

books/bookvol10.5 Axiom Numerics
  first draft of numerics volume

  FAQ 51: How can I do unicode in xterm?

  unit test IndexedBits

  add monitortest
  remove redundant kafile.input

  cachedf.input     fix tests for )set break quit
  kafile.input      redundant with KAFILE test, removed
  monitortest.input unit test monitor code
  pmint.input       add comments
  pmint.input       update pmint with code
  setcmd.input      add )set break quit
  textfile.input    --I out failing test
  unittest2.input   add Nate Daly to credits
  wester.input      reformat into regression test file

   remove compat.lisp, cparse.lisp, intint.lisp, macex.lisp,
          monitor.lisp, pf2sex.lisp, ptrees.lisp, serror.lisp

   remove MAKESTRING macro from all files

   remove non common lisp macros

   remove unused functions

   g-error.lisp add )set break quit
   htcheck.lisp add READLINE from compat.lisp
   nci.lisp pick up functions from intint
   patches.lisp move global variables to bookvol5
   posit.lisp move position functions to bookvol5
   util.lisp move global variables to bookvol5
   varini.lisp pick up functions from intint
   vmlisp.lisp add )set break quit
   vmlisp.lisp fix )set break resume bug
   vmlisp.lisp remove some define-functions

  utf-8-demo.txt added to demo utf-8 I/O

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