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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: axiom 20091101 in Debian testing (!)

From: Tim Daly
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: axiom 20091101 in Debian testing (!)
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 23:38:55 -0400
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Camm Maguire wrote:
Greetings!  20100301 about to go in Debian.

0) Just curious -- how did you get rid of exposed.lsp?
Axiom is becoming a literate program so all parts of the
system are being folded into books. The "exposed.lsp"
function is part of the interpreter so it now lives in
Volume 5: Interpreter (books/bookvol5.pamphlet).
1) regarding )edit

 BasicType  is a category constructor
Abbreviation for BasicType is BASTYPE This constructor is exposed in this frame. Issue )edit bookvol10.2.spad.pamphlet to see algebra source code for BASTYPE
I'll look at the )edit function. The message says that you can find the BASTYPE category in the book Volume 10.2: Algebra Categories (bookvol10.2.pamphlet) but the message needs to be updated. Also the )edit function needs to be smarter because you can now
open the book directly to the BASTYPE code.

All of the books are available on either wikipedia or the Axiom website

The books contains most of the actual code, including all of the algebra.
I am in the process of adding the last of the interpreter code to volume 5
(which is why you saw the "exposed.lsp" file disappear) and the compiler
code to volume 9.

The )edit function change is on the todo list.

------------------------------- Operations --------------------------------
 ?=? : (%,%) -> Boolean                ?~=? : (%,%) -> Boolean

but the pamphlets are not installed under mnt/linux ???
The pamphlets are literate source documents. They get "compiled" into pdf form
and live under mnt/linux/docs.

It is "in plan" to allow the )compile command to be able to extract the proper
algebra from the pamphlet files. Axiom has code embedded that will allow the
reader to do this but it is not yet "hooked up" to the )compile command. It is
only a small step away but other things have my attention at the moment. The
Axiom reader now "understands" its source documents.

The plan is to allow you to do
)compile BASTYPE
and have it "do the right thing". This can be done now but it takes 2 commands rather than one so I have to merge them. I also have to document it and update
the various books (like the Jenks book and my tutorial).

There is no such thing as a simple job.

I was unaware that debian HAD an axiom bug list.
2) regarding gcd (
This is a huge input expression. I am running it now. I see cpu being used
but not much memory growth. It is hard to say whether this is an infinite loop
or just a very long computation of the output. I suspect that it will take a
VERY long time to format this output properly. Since that is all the file seems
to do and the output routines have been running for 40 years it is unlikely
that this is a real bug. I'll let it run for a while and see what happens.

Would it be possible to have GCL trap a signal (e.g. SIGUSR1),
dump a stack trace, and then continue? That would allow me to "poll"
the lisp system and see where it was currently spending time without actually
killing the process.

The expression is read correctly now, but still appears to "take
forever".  I don't think this is a bug anymore and would like to close
it.  What should the expected behavior be now (realistically)?

3) regarding

This "bug" seems to be related to all of the intermediate types that get generated within the expression. I don't believe the interpreter is correctly coercing between
these many intermediates. I've added it to the list of known bugs.

This "bug" still exists.

Embarrasingly, I'm not even sure the syntax the user employs is
right.  It would be great if you could let me know if this is still an
outstanding issue or can be closed.

4) regarding
I cannot reproduce this bug. I consider it closed.

I suppose this one should be left open, though I am unable to generate
"memory corruption" gcl messages anymore.  There was a race I closed
some time ago that seems to be working here.

Take care,

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