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[Axiom-developer] Axiom May 2010 release

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom May 2010 release
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 09:37:44 -0400
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The May 2010 release of Axiom went live last night.
The Ubuntu and Fedora binaries are available.
Others will happen soon.
Note that the fedora binary is now a single image.

May 2010 Release

This release concentrated on adding new algebra.
A new package was added for factoring over finite fields.
A new volume Axiom Numerics was added, including BLAS and LAPACK in lisp.
A new volume Axiom Bibliography was added for literature citations.
GCL was upgraded, thanks to Camm Maquire.

These people were added to the credits list:

 Nelson H. F. Beebe, Gaetan Hache, Bill Hart, Kaj Laurson,
 Patrice Naudin, Claude Quitte, Steve Toleque

 update credits list

 GCLVERSION gcl-2.6.8pre4 change
 clean books from src/algebra
 merge all fedoraN stanzas into fedora

 add Axiom Bibliography book
 add bookvol10.5 add Axiom Algebra Numerics

books/bookvol4 Axiom Developers Guide
 document how to make graphs in algebra books
 document process to add new algebra
 document steps for adding algebra

books/bookvol5 Axiom Interpreter
 add Naudin, Laurson, Hache to credits
 change .spad.pamphlet to just .pamphlet
 Add new algebra to exposure list
 fix )describe to accept abbreviations

books/bookvol7.1 Axiom Hyperdoc Pages
 add mar2010 what's new page

books/bookvol10.2 Axiom Categories
 add AFSPCAT  AffineSpaceCategory
 add BLMETCT  BlowUpMethodCategory
 add DIVCAT   DivisorCategory
 add DSTRCAT  DesingTreeCategory
 add INFCLCT  InfinitlyClosePointCategory
 add LOCPOWC  LocalPowerSeriesCategory
 add PACEXTC  PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfAlgExtOfRationalNumberCategory
 add PACFFC   PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteFieldCategory
 add PACPERC  PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfPerfectFieldCategory
 add PACRATC  PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfRationalNumberCategory
 add PLACESC  PlacesCategory
 add PRSPCAT  ProjectiveSpaceCategory
 add SETCATD  SetCategoryWithDegree

books/bookvol10.3 Axiom Domains
 add AFFPL    AffinePlane
 add AFFPLPS  AffinePlaneOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteField
 add AFFSP    AffineSpace
 add BLHN     BlowUpWithHamburgerNoether
 add BLQT     BlowUpWithQuadTrans
 add DIV      Divisor
 add DSTREE   DesingTree
 add ICP      InfClsPt
 add INFCLSPS InfinitlyClosePointOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteField
 add INFCLSPT InfinitlyClosePoint
 add NSDPS    NeitherSparseOrDensePowerSeries
 add PACEXT   PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfAlgExtOfRationalNumber
 add PACOFF   PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteField
 add PACRAT   PseudoAlgebraicClosureOfRationalNumber
 add PLACES   Places
 add PLACESPS PlacesOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteField
 add PLCS     Plcs
 add PROJPL   ProjectivePlane
 add PROJPLPS ProjectivePlaneOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfFiniteField
 add PROJSP   ProjectiveSpace
 add UTSZ     UnivariateTaylorSeriesCZero
 document and test Interval

books/bookvol10.4 Axiom Packages
 add AFALGGRO AffineAlgebraicSetComputeWithGroebnerBasis
 add AFALGRES AffineAlgebraicSetComputeWithResultant
 add BLUPPACK BlowUpPackage
 add DTP      DesingTreePackage
add FACTEXT FactorisationOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfAlgExtOfRationalNumber
 add FACTRN   FactorisationOverPseudoAlgebraicClosureOfRationalNumber
 add FFFACTSE FiniteFieldFactorizationWithSizeParseBySideEffect
 add FFSQFR   FiniteFieldSquareFreeDecomposition
 add GPAFF    GeneralPackageForAlgebraicFunctionField
 add INTDIVP  IntersectionDivisorPackage
 add INTERGB  InterfaceGroebnerPackage
 add INTFRSP  InterpolateFormsPackage
 add LISYSER  LinearSystemFromPowerSeriesPackage
 add LOP      LinesOpPack
 add LPARSPT  LocalParametrizationOfSimplePointPackage
 add NPOLYGON NewtonPolygon
 add PAFF     PackageForAlgebraicFunctionField
 add PAFFFF   PackageForAlgebraicFunctionFieldOverFiniteField
 add PARAMP   ParametrizationPackage
 add PFORP    PackageForPoly
 add PLPKCRV  PolynomialPackageForCurve
 add PRJALGPK ProjectiveAlgebraicSetPackage
 add RFP      RootsFindingPackage

books/bookvol10.5 Axiom Numerics
 BLAS1 regress, help, and function documentation
 add BLAS1 dasum function
 add BLAS1 daxpy
 add BLAS1 dcopy

books/bookvolbib Axiom Bibliography
 Buh05 DLMF Mah05 Sei95 Seixx Sch92 SCC92 WJST90
 Du95, Ga95, Ha95, Ha96, HI96, HL95, LR88, St93
 add Assia Mahboubi [Mah05]
 add Soren L. Buhl [Buh05]
 add citation SDJ07
 rename and align biblio with bookvol10.1

 FAQ 52: Who was User?

 GCLVERSION gcl-2.6.8pre4

 add Volume 10.5 Axiom Numerics
 change .spad.pamphlet to .pamphlet

 help and test files for all new algebra
 remove unused .as.pamphlet files,,,,,,,,,
   mlift.spad.jhd,,,,,, removed

 remove duplicate curl.input invocation
 add curry.input, davenport.input, liska.input, paff.input, zimmer.input
 fix biquat.input, chtheorem.input, chtheorem.input, cmds.input,
     complexfactor.input,dfloat.input, dftrig.input, dop.input,
     e1.input, ei.input, en.input, gamma.input, grpthry.input,
     gstbl.input, ico.input, numericgamma.input, test.input,
     unit-i-funsel.input, unittest1.input, unittest1.input,
     unittest2.input, unittest2.input

 add Volume 10.5 Axiom Numerics

 update browse.daase, category.daase, compress.daase, users.daase,
        dependents.daase, interp.daase, libdb.text, operation.daase

 gcl-2.6.8pre4.tgz added, fix for ubuntu 9.10
 gcl-2.6.8pre4.h.linux.defs.patch added added

 add Axiom Algebra Numerics
 literate programming quotes

 add march 2010 ubuntu
 update available binary list

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