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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom September 2010 Release

From: Tim Daly
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom September 2010 Release
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 14:57:26 -0400
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 )set break break

On 9/29/2010 11:49 AM, Camm Maguire wrote:
Greetings!  How do I enable lisp breaks on error?

Take care,

address@hidden writes:

Axiom has been released for September 2010.
The website has the sources and the ubuntu binary.
Other binaries are being built and will appear when they pass testing.

Tim Daly


September 2010 Release

This release concentrated on treeshaking the compiler code into book volume 9.
Due to the complexity of this task it will take several releases to complete.

Additional global changes included collecting all of the Axiom-related
latex macros into axiom.sty and removing references to Aldor.

   always run help extractions in parallel
   build src/input quietly

    remove references to aldor

    remove references to aldor

    expose StreamTensor, U32Vector, U32VectorPolynomialOperations
    mark pure common lisp routines
    merge ptrop, varini
    move latex macros to axiom.sty
    remove POLYVEC
    remove compile, duplicated in vol9
    remove memq
    remove references to aldor
    remove $useNewParser

    move latex macros to axiom.sty
    remove references to aldor
    rewrite \pagehead to \pagetitle

    cross-reference functions and variables
    move latex macros to axiom.sty
    remove memq
    treeshake the compiler code
    remove $useNewParser

    move latex macros to axiom.sty
    move GOPT0 from bookvol10.3

    move latex macros to axiom.sty

    move latex macros to axiom.sty

    add U32Vector, move GOPT0 from bookvol10.4
    move latex macros to axiom.sty

    add StreamTensor, U32VectorPolynomialOperations
    fix ScriptTensor regression test
    move latex macros to axiom.sty
    remove POLYVEC
    update Chinese Remainder documentation

    move latex macros to axiom.sty

    Parnas&  Madey [PM95], Parnas&  Jin [PJ10], GCL92, AS64, NIST10, RF94,
    Hamdy [Ham04], Steele [Ste90], Tim Lahey's Sage Integration Test Suite

    v103guessoptionfunctions0, v103u32vector, v104streamtensor,
    v104u32vectorpolynomialoperations, v104u32vectorpolynomialoperations

    Makefile help and test for StreamTensor
    Makefile help and test for U32Vector
    Makefile remove references to aldor
    Makefile test and help for POLYVEC
    Makefile remove POLYVEC
    Makefile add help and test for new algebra
    Makefile handle case-insensitive MAC filesystem
    Makefile remove new algebra scaffolding code

    axiom.sty collect all script commands in one place
    axiom.sty consolidate latex macros

    Makefile add guess.input, manuel.input, risch.input
    guess.input test examples of the GUESS package
    kamke3.input clean up broken tests
    manuel.input add Manuel's integral to test suite
    richlog300-391.input clean up broken tests
    richtrig800-899.input clean up broken tests
    risch.input illustrate the Risch algorithm
    setcmd.input clean up broken tests
    test.input clean up broken tests

    Makefile merge varini
    Makefile remove nspadaux, mark, pspad1, pspad2, ptrop, wi1, wi2
    *.lisp remove memq
    treeshake compiler -- br-con, cattable, compiler
    remove nspadaux.lisp, mark.lisp, pspad1.lisp, pspad2.lisp,
    remove ptrop.lisp, wi1.lisp, wi2.lisp
    add HTMLFormat code i-output.lisp, vmlisp.lisp

    axiom.sty collect all script commands
    axiom.sty consolidate latex macros

    documentation.html add Knuth quote per W. Sit
    download.html add debian, fedora, mandriva, opensuse, slackware, vector
    download.html update ubuntu yum advice

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