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Re: [Axiom-developer] [fricas-devel] Re: trademarks

From: Eugene Surowitz
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] [fricas-devel] Re: trademarks
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 12:43:46 -0400
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Already understood and I had already mirrored my comments
to the FriCAS-devel list; just forgot to include OpenAxiom.

The issue is deeper though: An inspection of only the src/interp
source files reveals numerous references to 'axiom' or 'Axiom'.
FriCAS appears to use boot code -- I assume, without having got
around to inspecting it in more detail, that it too may contain
many such references; I haven't looked at OpenAxiom.

Cheer, Gene

On 4/22/2013 11:57 AM, u1204 wrote:

The issue has nothing to do with the wiki. I don't care if the wiki
uses Axiom. Axiom is open source software and can be used by anyone.

The issue is using the Axiom name to label things that are not Axiom.

In this instance, the web page

has 72 instances of the name "Axiom" on the page. However, it was not
developed using Axiom. It was developed using FriCAS.

Nobody would accept the web page if every line was labeled
"Mathematica". FriCAS and Mathematica are not the same thing.
You cannot run this code in Mathematica.

And you cannot run this code in Axiom.

I received a bug report because of this confusion.  I am asking people
who are mathematicians, who know how to be precise, to BE precise and
use the names properly.

SBCL is a fork of CMUCL. You never see SBCL claiming to BE CMUCL.
Jenkins is a fork of Hudson. You never see Jenkins claiming to BE Hudson.
Ubuntu is a fork of RedHat. You never see Ubuntu claiming to BE RedHat.

It would seem too obvious for words. Need I say more?

Tim Daly

(p.s. I cannot post to the fricas-devel mailing list so you might want
to mirror this to your fricas-devel reply)

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