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Re: [Axiom-developer] GCL 2.6.8 and 2.6.9 are released

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] GCL 2.6.8 and 2.6.9 are released
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2013 11:23:10 -0400
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Matt Kaufmann <address@hidden> writes:

> Thank you, Don.  If there's a complete list of platforms for which
> ANSI builds are expected to work for 2.6.9, and if possible one for
> 2.6.8 as well, I'd be interested.  In particular, it would be nice to
> know whether 2.6.9 ANSI builds on Linux are expected to work.

I've already tried a stab at this in the release announcement, but just
a note that ANSI works and is available wherever gcl is available in any
flavor.   This includes a very large list of GNU/Linux and BSD
distributions/processor combinations  -- gcl even still supports Motorola
68k processors -- windows and mac.  

Smooth support is very correlated to 24/7 remote access to a development
machine.  This inevitably rises and falls as tastes change over time.
I've taken the perspective that if such a machine cannot be provided,
then the platform either does not want to be supported or is dying.
There is no sense to waste limited human time chasing such situations,
but for the record here are some of the latest developments:

last available hppa machine dropped by the gcc compile farm.
one remaining ia64 machine has no gdb support
solaris available through a kind friend sporadically on request, and at
  considerable personal expense to him.
no access to latest macosx (2?) version(s)
no access to latest 3 windows versions or working emulators.
sporadic access by request to a few of the linux debian-ports targets

Take care,
Camm Maguire                                        address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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