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[Axiom-developer] failures during build

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] failures during build
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 22:58:40 -0400

>I have installed Axiom from Git on Linux Mint.
>It was actually quite painless until the regression tests.
>There was one test that probably took about 3 hrs and there have been quite a 
>lot of failures.
>I wasn’t determined to act on that so I didn’t take note of the exact failures.
>Is there any info about what failures are expected?

By default Axiom runs a significant portion of its test suite during
build. There are tests in the suite which are known to fail and are
open bugs. This is not a sign of a problem that should affect you.

Axiom runs about 150,000 tests during build. There are another
125,000 long running tests normally skipped. You can skip all
testing by doing:

    make TESTSET=notests

If you do run the tests this is an example of what you are likely to see:
int/input/Comparable.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 1 stanzas file
int/input/FileName.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 18 stanzas file
int/input/RadicalSolvePackage.regress:regression result FAILED 6 of 21
stanzas file RadicalSolvePackage
int/input/cachedf.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 8 stanzas file
int/input/charlwood.regress:regression result FAILED 4 of 250 stanzas file
int/input/clements.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 6 stanzas file
int/input/cmds.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 20 stanzas file cmds
int/input/dop.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 127 stanzas file dop
int/input/en.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 7 stanzas file en
int/input/fname.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 9 stanzas file fname
int/input/fname1.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 18 stanzas file
int/input/grpthry.regress:regression result FAILED 8 of 68 stanzas file
int/input/guess.regress:regression result FAILED 72 of 102 stanzas file
int/input/rich11a.regress:regression result FAILED 44 of 1407 stanzas file
int/input/rich11d.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 1419 stanzas file
int/input/tuplebug.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 1 stanzas file
int/input/unittest1.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 96 stanzas file

Tim Daly

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