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Re: [Axiom-developer] Windows

From: u1204
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Windows
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 16:00:05 -0500

>Greetings!  Are there instructions to build just the lisp/axiom stuff,
>and skip any of 1) the docs 2) clef 3) sman 4) bsd/X11 specific c code? 
>I'm testing gcl 2.6.10 pre-release, and have resolved a long standing
>issue on windows.  maxima and acl2 now go through natively using the
>latest mingw/gcc tools.   Was hoping to test axiom as well.  The website
>prescription of downloading portabile ubuntu will obviously work, but
>won't stress test the windows binary compiler/loader in gcl.
>I've installed texlive, and get to bsdsignal.c before crashing (which it
>of course must do).

I don't know if you're using the msys compiler under Windows.
I found a bug in the compiler (which cost me a week of debugging)
so I gave up on Windows. I can dig up the details of the bug from
my backups if you really want to get low-level.

The easiest way would be to compile Axiom on a linux box and copy the
lisp files. There is a file called src/interp/debugsys.lisp.pamphlet
which contains the files that get loaded into an image. I don't know if
it is up to date but it is close. Note that this loads the raw lisp.
You could edit it to do a compile-file for each file first.

The src/interp/Makefile.pamphlet will be put into src/interp/Makefile
and that contains the steps necessary to make "interpsys" which gets
renamed to "AXIOMsys".

Feel free to ask questions.


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