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[Axiom-developer] A few issues with a newly compiled axiom

From: Alasdair McAndrew
Subject: [Axiom-developer] A few issues with a newly compiled axiom
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 09:02:50 +1100

I have just compiled and installed axiom on Ubuntu 12.04, following the Ubuntu instructions here:

and I installed my axiom in  /opt/axiom However:

(1) hypertex doesn't start; instead I get an error message:

"(HyperDoc) Warning: Not connected to AXIOM Server!
ReadBitmapFile: File >/opt/axiom/mnt/ubuntu/share/hypertex/bitmaps/menudot.bitmap< not found"

which would seem to indicate that hypertex is looking somewhere else for its files.  Does this mean that hypertex needs to be compiled separately, or is it just a matter of fixing up a configuration file somewhere?

(2) I can't get axiom to work in TeXmacs.  Even though axiom is in my path, and TeXmacs is started from a shell which includes the correct values for PATH and AXIOM, "Axiom" doesn't exist as a possible session type.

(3) Can I get axiom to play nicely with GNU-Readline?  I'd like my Home and End keys to go to those places on an input line, and also Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E.  Or can I set up some environment variables somewhere which will allow this?  (I started axiom within the KDE Konsole; I guess I could try another terminal emulator - there are lots to choose from!)

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