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[Axiom-developer] regression tests

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Axiom-developer] regression tests
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:38:30 -0400


How much work is involved in cleaning this up?  I'm mostly interested if
gcl is responsible for any.

Take care,

int/input/arrows.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 3 stanzas file arrows
int/input/bouquet.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 4 stanzas file bouquet
int/input/cachedf.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 8 stanzas file cachedf
int/input/clements.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 6 stanzas file clements
int/input/dftrig.regress:regression result FAILED 328 of 672 stanzas file dftrig
int/input/divisor.regress:regression result FAILED 14 of 18 stanzas file divisor
int/input/dop.regress:regression result FAILED 6 of 127 stanzas file dop
int/input/e1.regress:regression result FAILED 4 of 7 stanzas file e1
int/input/ei.regress:regression result FAILED 16 of 20 stanzas file ei
int/input/elemnum.regress:regression result FAILED 21 of 50 stanzas file elemnum
int/input/en.regress:regression result FAILED 6 of 7 stanzas file en
int/input/fixed.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 267 stanzas file fixed
int/input/float1.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 37 stanzas file float1
int/input/fname.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 9 stanzas file fname
int/input/fname1.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 18 stanzas file fname1
int/input/gamma.regress:regression result FAILED 4 of 12 stanzas file gamma
int/input/grpthry.regress:regression result FAILED 7 of 68 stanzas file grpthry
int/input/guess.regress:regression result FAILED 72 of 102 stanzas file guess
int/input/ico.regress:regression result FAILED 10 of 65 stanzas file ico
int/input/mathml.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 21 stanzas file mathml
int/input/mset.regress:regression result FAILED 5 of 17 stanzas file mset
int/input/mset2.regress:regression result FAILED 7 of 12 stanzas file mset2
int/input/newtonlisp.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 14 stanzas file 
int/input/numericgamma.regress:regression result FAILED 5 of 36 stanzas file 
int/input/paff.regress:regression result FAILED 20 of 26 stanzas file paff
int/input/paffexample.regress:regression result FAILED 14 of 20 stanzas file 
int/input/sint.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 11 stanzas file sint
int/input/sregset.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 23 stanzas file sregset
int/input/stbl.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 7 stanzas file stbl
int/input/strtbl.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 3 stanzas file strtbl
int/input/test.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 188 stanzas file test
int/input/tuplebug.regress:regression result FAILED 1 of 1 stanzas file tuplebug
int/input/unittest1.regress:regression result FAILED 2 of 96 stanzas file 

Camm Maguire                                        address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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