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[Axiom-developer] August 2014 release

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] August 2014 release
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 03:14:36 -0500

Axiom has been released. The sources and binaries are being uploaded
and will be available over the next few days.

Axiom can now build in native form on the Intel Mac, thanks to the
amazing effort of Camm Maguire.


August 2014 release notes

This release moves Axiom to the latest GCL version.
All unused prior versions were removed.

Most of the work involved in this release has involved CATS,
working with Albert Rich to develop Axiom tests.

Noweb was removed. Axiom now uses its own literate tools.

The databases are no longer compressed.

Volume 13: Proving Axiom Correct was started

   VERSION = August 2014
   TESTSET defaults to regresstests
   fix missing dvipdfm
   remove noweb

   new directory containing axiom-developer emails
   reduce and categorize emails for history
   create timeline of people joining/leaving

      remove all other sources
      add additional macros
      fix sinCosExpandRules
      new C function to handle chunks
      add fastxhtml extraction from bookvol11
   extract (rename from document)
      support new chunk syntax
      move .ps to .eps
      add new images

   handle bookheader.tex
   fix broken sed regular expression
   add bookvol13 (Proving Axiom Correct)

   user underline, colored links
   standardize headers, table of contents

books/bookvol0 (Jenks)
   add condata for MAGCDOC
   add graphics, fix typos, add text

books/bookvol1 (tutorial)
   use bookheader.tex
   fix typos

books/bookvol2 (users guide)
   use bookheader.tex
   add category theory chapter
   remove noweb

books/bookvol3 (programmers guide)
   use bookheader.tex
   remove noweb

books/bookvol4 (developers guide)
   use bookheader.tex
   section on changing GCL versions
   document makeHelpFiles
   remove autoload files
   remove noweb
   add HACKPI section

books/bookvol5 (interpreter)
   use bookheader.tex
   fix GETL for GCL
   add Attributes as Categories
   add Comparable
   add LeftOreRing
   add U32Matrix support macros
   add bc-matrix code
   add support code for U8Vector
   add support code for U32Vector
   add support code for U8Matrix
   add support code for U16Matrix
   add U32VectorPolyunomialOperations
   expose FiniteFieldFactorization
   expose MAGCDOC
   expose MatrixManipulation
   rename functionp to canFuncall?
   incremental rewrite of br-con.lisp
   merge ht-util.lisp

books/bookvol6 (commands)
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol7 (hyperdoc)
   apply Camm's patches
   remove bibliography
   standardize the table of contents
   update credits
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol7.1 (hyperdoc pages)
   standardize the table of contents
   update What's New Page
   update credits
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol8 (graphics)
   apply Camm's patches
   convert bookvol8 from noweb to chunks
   remove crc test cases
   standardize the table of contents
   update credits
   use bookheader.tex
   remove noweb

books/bookvol8.1 (graphics gallery)
   add CRC standard test cases, section 2.3-2.9

books/bookvol9 (compiler)
   use bookheader.tex
   functionp -> canFuncall?

books/bookvol10 (algebra implementation)
   absorb src/algebra/Makefile
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol10.1 (algebra theory)
   add interval arithmetic
   add section on interpolation formulas
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol10.2 (categories)
   AGG bug fixed 40355
   CLAGG bug fixed 40021
   MONAD bug fix 40350, add 7236
   ORDSET bug fix 40346
   PTRANFN bug fixed 40357
   REAL bug fix 40345
   add Attributes as Categories
   add Comparable
   add LeftOreRing
   add MAGCDOC
   add enumerate to FINITE
   add matrix initializer function
   fix failing test cases
   fix help documentation and regression tests
   use bookheader.tex
   write help documentation for all categories
   FiniteSetAggregate subset? fixed
   BinaryTreeCategory remove finiteAggregate, bug fix 7255

books/bookvol10.3 (domains)
   AFFSP bug fix 30230, 20495; introduce 60076
   BLAS1 bug fixed 40304
   CHAR bug fix 40022
   DFLOAT bug fix 20073, add 20570
   DFLOAT bug fixed 40019
   FPS bug fixed 40013
   INBFF bug fixed 20465, add 20571
   INTRVL bug fix 20480, 30143
   ITAYLOR bug fix 20542 pretend
   LIST bug fix 20063, add, add 20569
   MLIFT bug fix 20001, add 20568
   OPTPROB bug fix 40347
   RNUMP removed bug fix 30047
   SINT bug fix 20057 pretend
   SMTS bug fix 20383, 50005, add 20567
   SYMBOL bug fix 20056 pretend
   add U16Matrix
   add U16Vector
   add U32Matrix
   add U8Matrix
   add U8Vector
   add information to SingleInteger
   SEXOF bug fix 20501
   fix failing test cases
   fix help documentation and regression tests
   move EFULS EFUPXS from package to domain
   update U32Vector domain
   use bookheader.tex
   write help documentation for all domains

books/bookvol10.4 (packages)
   ATTREG bug fix 40362
   ELTAB bug fix 40360
   FSPECF bug fix 7235, 40077
   GRAY bug fixed 20467
   MAPPKG1 bug fix 40351
   MSYSCMD bug fix 40359
   SOLVERAD bug fix 40043
   SREGSET bug fix 50001
   add FiniteFieldFactorization
   add MatrixManipulation, add Raoul Bourquin
   add U32VectorPolynomialOperations
   apply Waldek's changes to imposelc in PGCD
   comment out bad code in GUESS
   document htrigs function in TRMANIP
   expand hyperbolic identities
   bug fix "bad reduction" in multivariate poly gcd
   bug fix ++X function example in gcd
   bug fix OUT.spad warning (bug 329)
   bug fix failing test cases
   bug fix help documentation and regression tests
   move EFULS EFUPXS from package to domain
   use bookheader.tex
   write help documentation
   add reportInstantiations to API package

books/bookvol10.5 (numerics)
   add netlib cephes function covers
   use bookheader.tex

books/bookvol11 (browser)
   use bookheader.tex
   remove noweb

books/bookvol12 (crystal)
   remove noweb

books/bookvol13 (proving axiom correct)

books/bookvolbib (bibliography)
   add references and abstracts
   add subsection Ore Rings
   add subsection Partial Fraction Decomposition
   add subsection Integration
   add subsection Expression Simplification
   add subsection Differential Equations
   add subsection Advanced Documentation
   add subsection Numerics
   add subsection Interval Arithmetic
   add subsection Proving Axiom Correct
   add subsection Category Theory
   add subsection Polynomial GCD
   add subsection Exponenetial Integral
   add subsection Special Functions
   add subsection Numerical Algorithms
   add subsection Solving Systems of Equations

   MLIFT fix 20001, add 20568
   AGG fixed 40355
   ATTREG fix 40362
   BLAS1 fixed 40304
   CHAR fix 40022
   CLAGG fixed 40021
   DFLOAT fix 20073, add 20570
   DFLOAT fixed 40019
   ELTAB fix 40360
   FPS fixed 40013
   FSPECF fix 7235, 40077
   GRAY fixed 20467
   INBFF fixed 20465, add 20571
   INTRVL fix 20480, 30143
   ITAYLOR fix 20542 pretend
   LIST fix 20063, add, add 20569
   MAPPKG1 fix 40351
   MONAD fix 40350, add 7236
   MSYSCMD fix 40359
   OPTPROB fix 40347
   ORDSET fix 40346
   PTRANFN fixed 40357
   REAL fix 40345
   SINT fix 20057 pretend
   SMTS fix 20383, 50005, add 20567
   SOLVERAD fix 40043
   SREGSET fix 50001
   SYMBOL fix 20056 pretend
   fix bug 7072/19 D(0^z, z) closed
   fix bug 7248: differentiation fix bug in D(1,z)
   fix bug 7249: radicalSolve(z^7=1, z)
   fix bug 7249: radicalSolve(z^7=1, z) update
   fix bug 7251: integrate(1/(1+z^4), z=0..1) :: Complex Float
   fix bug 7252: argument(-%i)
   fix bug 7253: There are no library operations named 'when'
   fix bug 7254: f==n+->sum(sum(1/i,i=1..j),j=1..n) complains
   fix bug 7256: acot(-1) values differ
   fix bug 7257: normalize(subst(asin(z),z=-1)) division by zero
   fix bug 7258: acosh(0.0) invalid argument to acosh
   fix bug 20501, SEXOF pretend, 30047 RNUMP
   fix bug 30230, 20495; introduce 60076
   fix bug 7236
   fix bug 329, add todo 330
   remove dead items
   remove error message for deleted files
   add 7142 exp^log(x) Cannot take first of an empty list update
   add 7233: fill! operation from U8Vector does not show up
   add 7242/7243
   add 7244, 7245
   add bug 7241, fix the integration routines
   add bugs found in tests
   add kamke4, kamke6 missing bug
   add todo 335: add packages to )d op gcd
   add 7232
   wish 1011: sum(1/(k+a), k=1..n) by Gosper's method

Wikipedia update date update date

   remove noweb
   fix mailing list links

   add Edi Meier
   add Edi Meier
   add Jia Zhao Cong
   add Raoul Bourquin
   update credits

   clean up src/algebra properly
   convert bookvol8 from noweb to chunks
   fix {OUT} bug
   handle special case files for bookvol11
   rename tangle.c to tanglec.c
   pamphlet extract src using chunk syntax
   pamphlet modified, noweb removed

   add Comparable
   add FINITE-
   add LeftOreRing
   add MatrixManipulation
   add U16Matrix
   add U32Matrix
   add U32VectorPolynomialOperations
   add U8Matrix
   add fastxhtml extraction call
   add machinearithmetic.input
   compile FiniteFieldFactorization
   compile MAGCDOC
   fix failing test cases
   set up regression tests
   update graph info for OUT
   modified, noweb removed

   add Attributes as Categories

   AxiomConference.pdf added
      charlwood.input added
      rich* added
      kamke*.txt added
      add 8.1, 10.5, bibliography
      add bookvol13
      fix mailing list links
      add AxiomConference.pdf
      add Bottorff quote
      add Knuth quote, cleanup
      add Lamport quote
      add McNamara quote
      add Stroustrop quote
      add W.T. Gowers quote
      add binaries
      add texlive-fonts-extra
      add patches
       update for August 2014

   Makefile cleanup

   Makefile rename tangle to tanglec
   edible.c modified, noweb removed

   export endpaper as pdf
   remove axiom.bib
   rename tangle to tanglec
   use books/axiom.sty
   remove noweb
   booklet.c fix mailing list, remove noweb
      s2-us.msgs remove .as extension from compiler msg

   Makefile remove noweb
   asq.c remove noweb

   Makefile add input tests for
      charlwood, cherry, functioncode, machinarithmetic,
      pgcd, polygamma, rich*, romanpolynomials, rsa, segletes
      exptest, subset, tree, trigtests
   Makefile remove noweb
   add many tests

      remove noweb
      remove autoload of ht-util
      remove bc-matrix
    bc-matrix.lisp removed
    br-con.lisp move to bookvol5
    debugsys cleanup
    g-timer.lisp RNUMP removed
    g-util.lisp functionp -> canFuncall?
    g-util.lisp remove functions
    ht-util.lisp deleted, merged with bookvol5
    i-coerce.lisp functionp -> canFuncall?
    i-funsel.lisp remove functions
    i-spec2.lisp. functionp -> canFuncall?
    interp-proclaims.lisp functionp -> canFuncall?
    regress.lisp improve diff output
    sys-pkg.lisp RNUMP removed
    temp.text deleted
    util.lisp functionp -> canFuncall?
    util.lisp remove autoload of ht-util
    util.lisp remove autoload trigger functions
    util.lisp remove bc-matrix autoload triggers
    util.lisp remove compression
    vmlisp.lisp RNUMP removed

   Makefile remove noweb
   boxhead removed
   boxtail removed
   boxup removed
   document -> books/extract
   showdvi removed
      axiom.sty removed

   Makefile remove noweb
   algebra/compress removed
   algebra/browse, category, dependents, interp, operations, users
      add Attributes as Categories
      add LeftOreRing
      enumerate to FINITE
      no compression
      hypertex/pages/ deleted, unused

   Makefile cleanup

   axiom.vim.tgz vim syntax file added
   gcl-cgywin.tgz added
   noweb-2.10a.tgz deleted, noweb removed
   noweb.* deleted, noweb removed
   all unused patches and versions of gcl deleted

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