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[Axiom-developer] GCL 2.6.11 is released

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Axiom-developer] GCL 2.6.11 is released
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 21:33:04 -0400
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Greetings!  No problem, Tim!  I've just cut the release.  I'm convinced
2.6.11 should serve axiom well in any configuration, so whenever you
feel ready to give the patches a go, great!  Please keep me posted if
you do so.

Take care,

address@hidden writes:

> Camm,
> I started looking at that patch. Unfortunately applying the patch
> and running a new release cycle (which takes 3-4 days) is beyond
> the time I have available right now. I agree with the idea but
> it would require me to build and test on many different systems
> (sequentially due to local hardware limitations), each taking
> many hours to set up, regression test, and package.

Camm Maguire                                        address@hidden
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