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[Axiom-developer] new "projects" file

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] new "projects" file
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 08:28:46 -0600

>Not sure what you use for hosting, but
> is a good option for continuous integration. It is
>very easy to setup.

The last gig allowed me to buy a big machine to dual-host axiom so I
now have 2 servers, one of in RackSpace and one
for in my office. I'm trying to set up the CI as
an experiment. Every git push will trigger a build for all of the
supported systems, run all of the tests and if they succeed, to
push tarballs into the download page. I've been cleaning up and
expanding the test suite to support the new approach.

The CI setup is messy as it involves a dozen VMs as well as a native
setup. At the moment it is more "continuous frustration" :-) But in
the long term a CI setup will track project changes better.

>PS: I used to track your updates in
>;a=summary, but I assume you update a
>different repo now. Thanks.

The "main" repo, at least in my mind, is github. I push to github,
sourceforge, savannah, and the axiom git repos. I could have broken
one of them. I'll check. When in doubt, depend on github.

The "summary" is intended for overall project goals, the "projects"
file is for communicating the many ongoing development threads, some
of which are short term. I supposed it would be better to move
"summary" into the top level axiom tree and rename it "goals".
I should add that to the "projects" file :-)


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