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[Axiom-developer] Easter egg in Axiom

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Easter egg in Axiom
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 19:35:14 -0600

Centuries ago, while we were still developing Scratchpad (the IBM name
of the project) we faced the problem of selling it. Someone already
owned the name Scratchpad and, although it wasn't being used for a
product, the owner wanted to keep it.

We tried to suggest a new name which is a lot harder than it looks. 
I believe that IBM spent about $50,000 dollars researching the various
names. We held a contest for a new name and "Axiom" won.  There was
even a new logo created for it with "dots" both over and under the "i"
in Axiom.

The Hyperdoc banner was being changed on an hourly basis (by me) with
the various names. I didn't believe that the name Axiom would last
any longer than any of the others. Anyway, I put the new-new-new (a
group inside joke; Bill Burge always called "this week's parser" "the
new parser") logo on Hyperdoc.

But there is a subtle modification. Look carefully at the logo.  The
top-right corner has a TM logo... but not really. It actually says
"TiM". I modified it as a joke, never expecting that it would leave my
desk. I just realized that the modiication survived all these years.

A bit of history for your entertainment.


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