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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom mathematical algorithms... Notation matters

From: Eugene Surowtz
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom mathematical algorithms... Notation matters
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2016 14:05:30 -0400
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How do you see this with respect the literate programming model?


On 3/19/2016 3:53 AM, daly wrote:
I've been thinking about the best method of presenting mathematical
algorithms. There is a gap between equations that represent the
mathematics and the actual code that represents the algorithm.

The actual code has loops and does low-level data manipulation
that has been optimized away from the formula definition. This
is especially true of numerics, where I've been doing a lot of
recent work.

The form of presentation in this paper seems to be the perfect
combination of formula and algorithm. See, for example, p14:

It would be ideal if this was the Axiom algebra language (Spad2?).
Constructing a parser/compiler for such input is easily a PhD thesis.
It would represent a major step forward in computational mathematics.

That said, I think we should adopt this style for documentation.


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