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Re: Foundations post

From: Tim Daly
Subject: Re: Foundations post
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 08:17:42 -0400

I just saw your email posting about agi/bica.

I have been involved in AI starting in 1975 (in
robotics at Unimation, the people with the first
robot patent).  I was a member of the robot group
at IBM Research. I have worked on just about every
known approach to AI (expert systems, knowledge
representation, speech, vision, robots, neural nets,
ML, planning, etc. I've designed a CMOS chip, a
controller board, and gotten hand-dirty on hydraulics
and gears for robots).

I created a new language (KROPS) which IBM used
in their FAME Financial and Marketing Expert System.
I co-authored ECLPS, a rule-based system. I used
a neural net to recognize and classify drugs from
drug diagrams. I designed, built, and gave a talk at
MIT on my Design-to-Build planning system using
3D modelling. I wrote a system to reverse-engineer
malware binaries. I worked on a speech system for
banking. I wrote control and vision software for
several different robot systems. My last effort at CMU
involved a man/robot system to change a car tire.

I have written code for RL from the OpenAI sandbox.
I've taken courses, such as Andrew Ng's ML course.
I have a large chess game dataset on my website I
used to attempt to train a deep neural net (badly).
I am enrolled in Autoware's self-driving car course.
I have a mobile robot and a robot arm here at home
that I use to play with ideas.

I have also spent a lot of time reading about AI,
e.g. "Parsing the Turing Test", I've read just about
everything I can find on the subject in CS,
Biology, and Philosophy. I've taken 3 courses in
brain anatomy, studied the cellular level chemistry,
and protein structures in nerve cells. I've studied
the nerve structure of the C. Elegans worm.

I've taken 3 courses in quantum mechanics. I've
read the speculation about how quantum processes
could underlie thinking (microtubules).

I have a theory about consciousness that involves
emergent complexity, chaotic theory, and self-modification.
The resulting mathematics allows an escape from
"the Turing / Godel box". So far, everyone I've presented
to just cringes at ideas like self-modification.  (See
Barwise, Jon and Moss, Lawrence "Vicious Circles",
CSLI Publications 1996

I don't think I'm any closer than anyone else, but I've
certainly given it a lot of thought and study.

All of THAT noise was to convince you that I am
not naive about the subject.


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is nonsense.


On 7/1/20, Eugene Surowitz <> wrote:
> I seem to remember that you had something to do with "AXIOM" ;-)
> The AXIOM algebra source could be one component of the prospective project.
> Did you see the "Foundations" post?
> What times are good for calls?
> Cheers, Gene
> On 6/30/20 8:05 PM, Tim Daly wrote:
>> And this involves me how?
>> I am so confused.
>> If you want to talk, my home number is 724-899-3136
>> On 6/30/20, Eugene Surowitz <> wrote:
>>> I am talking about private support for a project that involves a
>>> solution
>>> to
>>> $n0,000/yr x 20yr = k X M
>>> where n is an integer in 5, k is probably 1, M = 10^6, x is
>>> multiplication;
>>> parameters are adjustable.
>>> The funding is a done deal in the sense that I have complete control of
>>> it.
>>> A home location for the project is needed;
>>> the legal necessities are being explored.
>>> Cheers, Gene
>>> On 6/29/20 8:20 PM, Tim Daly wrote:
>>>> I have no idea what you are talking about.
>>>> On 6/29/20, Eugene Surowitz <> wrote:
>>>>> OK!
>>>>> I need to be a little careful since the effort mentioned
>>>>> in my "Foundations" post is very serious and involves another
>>>>> well known project.
>>>>> I am just starting lining up what needs to be done.
>>>>> Please do not not post this.
>>>>> Gene
>>>>> On 6/28/20 6:08 PM, Tim Daly wrote:
>>>>>> I use this one
>>>>>> On 6/28/20, Eugene Surowitz <> wrote:
>>>>>>> Which email address should I use for a private conversation?
>>>>>>> Cheers, Gene

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