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Trouble getting Axiom to run with Docker in macOS

From: Johan Øverbye
Subject: Trouble getting Axiom to run with Docker in macOS
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 09:22:46 +0200

Hi all :)

First-time (hopeful) user of Axiom here. I'm using macOS, and I'm trying to run Axiom via Docker, as suggested on Axiom's download page.

I've installed the latest version of Docker, and have successfully run docker pull daly/axiom from Terminal.

However, when I execute docker run -i -t daly/axiom axiom, Docker seems to start up a process that immediately shuts down again. There is no output to Terminal, apart from a newline.

Each time I do this, a new entry appears in the Docker GUI that says daly/axiom "EXITED". See attached screenshot.

I haven't used Docker before and don't fully understand how it works, so I might be missing something obvious. Any tips appreciated.



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