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trivial calculator problem

From: Svjatoslav Agejenko
Subject: trivial calculator problem
Date: Mon, 03 May 2021 03:10:47 +0300
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Hello !

I'm want to have arbitrary calculators to design electronics circuits.
Idea is that I enter the formula and known values and let computer
to calculate the missing part. 

I'm hopelessly stuck with Axiom/FriCAS in this trivial case:
(I tried both)

  frequency ==     10          -- Hz
  impedance ==     53         -- Ohm

  solve(impedance = 1 / (2 * %pi * frequency * capacitance))

I get result:

   (3)  [capacitance= ------]

Can you please tell, how can I get result as floating point value
instead ?

Also question: I red that FriCAS is supposedly refactored and improved 
version of AXIOM. Are there any reasons for sticking with AXIOM ? 
Is there some disagreement in the community which one is better ?

FYI: I also implemented this calculator in Maxima like this:
  eq: impedance = 1 / (2 * %pi * frequency * capacitance);

  _frequency:      1;            /* Hz */
  capacitance:    1E-6;         /* Microfarad */
  impedance:      53;           /* Ohm */

  if not ?boundp('frequency) then print(float(solve(''eq, frequency)));
  if not ?boundp('capacitance) then print(float(solve(''eq, capacitance)));
  if not ?boundp('impedance) then print(float(solve(''eq, impedance)));

By commenting out variable I want to compute and setting appropriate
values for remaining variables I got needed result. The problem
with Maxima was that it started crashing or more complicated formulas.

Best regards
Svjatoslav Agejenko
Radio: ES1SVJ 

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