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Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries

From: Gijs Hillenius
Subject: Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2020 15:44:57 +0100
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On  1 January 2020 22:25 address@hidden, wrote:

> Hi all,
> about six months ago, I asked how to convince bbdb3 to add entries to my 
> .bbdb file. Roland answered as per the attached snippet
> below:
>> You need not require any code except for the bbdb-loaddefs that are 
>> generated when you make BBDB.  Please see the README.
>> Furthermore, you may want to call bbdb-initialize and/or 
>> bbdb-mua-auto-update-init.  Again please see the README.
> I tried to read the README but could not figure out what to do. However, I 
> have now tried the following after the recent email
> from Gijs Hillenius in which he gave his bbdb entries:
> (require 'bbdb-loaddefs)
> (bbdb-initialize 'vm 'message)
> (setq bbdb-allow-duplicates t)
> (setq bbdb-complete-mail-allow-cycling t)
> (setq bbdb-message-all-addresses t) 
> (bbdb-mua-auto-update-init 'vm 'mail)
> (setq bbdb-mua-pop-up nil)
> (setq bbdb-completion-display-record nil)
> I also have put the following into my .emacs file:
> (require 'bbdb-loaddefs "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/bbdb3/")
> But bbdb still resolutely remains silent when new email comes in.
> How can I convince bbdb3 to automatically add emails to my .bbdb please?

Ehm. Does this work? When on an incoming message, you hit ":" (just the
colon) to add addresses to the bbdb.

I see you have bbdb-mua-pop-up set to nil, which the documentation tells
me means that bbdb-mua-auto-update-init silently updates. You sure it's
not working?

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