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Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries

From: Rajeev.Gore
Subject: Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 10:30:19 +1100

Hi all,

Gijs: alas no. I tried the colon and my bbdb does not want to know you :)

Pieter: yes! Thank you. Just adding (setq bbdb-mua-auto-update-p t) did the 

Bob: you have (setq bbdb-mua-auto-update-p 'bbdb-select-message) and when I 
queried the value of this variable, my set up also had
it assigned to bbdb-select-message, by default I am guessing. So for some 
reason, it works for you but not for me. But as I said,
Pieter's solution works for me.

thank you all!


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