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Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?

From: Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
Subject: Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 14:09:27 +0100
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"Roland Winkler" <address@hidden> čálii:

> On Thu Mar 26 2020 Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
>> Is there a way in bbdb3 to add senders without adding their mail,
>> if the address is in bbdb-ignore-message-alist (or some other such
>> list)? I get lots of e-mails from
>>     Some Name <address@hidden>
>> or
>>     Other Name <address@hidden>
>> where I'd like to add a bbdb record with just the name, and no
>> mail field. I typically use `:' (bbdb-mua-display-sender) in Gnus
>> to add people.
> I am not sure I understand the details of your situation and what
> you want to achieve.  But it smells to me that setting the user
> variable bbdb-ignore-redundant-mails to a custom function could
> solve your problem.

I tried

   my-bbdb-ignore-senders (regexp-opt '("address@hidden"))
   bbdb-ignore-redundant-mails (defun my-bbdb-ignore-redundant-mails (record 
                                 (if (string-match-p my-bbdb-ignore-senders 
                                       (message "returning t so we ignore %s 
for %s" mail record)

and then when I hit `:' on a mail from github with a previously unknown
sender, my *Messages* say

returning t so we ignore address@hidden for [Some Name nil nil nil nil nil nil 
nil nil nil nil [Some Name Name, Some nil nil nil nil]]
created Some Name’s record with address "address@hidden"

and it adds the e-mail anyway. (My old value for that variable was `1'.)

Should the function return something other than `t' to ignore the e-mail

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