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Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?

From: Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
Subject: Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 19:49:29 +0100
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Greg Troxel <address@hidden> čálii:

> "Roland Winkler" <address@hidden> writes:
>> What is the problem here and what would be the most meaningful
>> strategy for BBDB to deal with this?  Is the problem that one email
>> address is used by different senders and BBDB should keep track of
>> this?  Or should BBDB merge the emails from different senders?

Not merge e-mails, no – it'd be better to treat it as if the e-mail
address didn't exist at all. (I think Greg Troxel explained it well.)


> So, bbdb should have some sort of list of email addresses that should
> always be ignored and never auto-added in any way, because there is no
> reason to think they are validly asssociated with a person.
> address@hidden and any similar mis-used forge sender addresses
> should be on this default list.

Well, one could bikeshed whether it should have a default value with
that in it or just be up to the user to decide. But some kind of list of
never-add-e-mails would be nice :)

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