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Re: FYI: [Main branch] Output patch

From: robert anisko
Subject: Re: FYI: [Main branch] Output patch
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:13:46 +0000 (GMT)

> Are you sure you want to keep this name?  I mean, now we have a
> directory lib/bison, I don't think bison.simple is such a good name.
> I like sth like lalr-c.skl.  What do you think?  Or .bis.

I agree with that. We should make the skeletons names
more explicit.

> I really don't like `macro', it's too ambiguous IMHO.  If you have
> better ideas...  Maybe just `directive'.  Or `bone', or `flesh', or
> `muscle' something related to skeletons.  I like `muscle' :)

I see what you mean. 'Macro' is not a very good name.

> But I should tell you
> that currently all the calc tests fail.  For instance:

I only made some very simple (and handwritten) tests, to check
that the skeleton algorithm still worked. The changes made to 
the output code were quite big, and we'll probably face many 
errors, especially with options that modify the output (-p,
pure parsers, and so on).

The calc tests all fail because right now, definitions
from the Bison grammar are not copied into the output...
It should work fine once a directive will be added for
that in the skeleton.

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