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Re: Fw: Kill warnings

From: Pascal Bart
Subject: Re: Fw: Kill warnings
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 16:29:42 +0100

> Pascal>  Hi Akim,
> >> There have been so many complaints about compilers that seem to be
> >> much more picky than GCC, or more exactly, than my ability to check
> >> GCC doesn't complain at all, that using -Werror seems the best
> >> solutions to me.
> Pascal>  Well, I don't really understand you interest for -Werror,
> Pascal> IMHO this is not a good idea to use it, a lot of warnings
> Pascal> comes from external source code, and any warnings are
> Pascal> debatables.  
> Right, but what's it got to do with it?  I'm referring to compiling
> Bison and the test suite.

Well, there are no warnings in Bison source code =).

> Maybe your memory is too short: you were in the set of people
> complaining about signed < unsigned :) :) :)

LOL, yes but it was differents, it was the generated parser, which
did any warnings, here we're talking about Bison's sources.  Warnings
in generated code is another problem, that doesn't leave any choice.

> I agree it is debatable.  What is not, is our peace, is our not having
> to answer reports about warnings in the code produced by Bison.

I'm not really sure to understand you, are you talking about Bison's
sources, or about Bison's generated parser ?  This is really
different, we're allowed to leave warnings in Bison's sources but not
in the generated parser.

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