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Re: Bitset statistics

From: Michael Hayes
Subject: Re: Bitset statistics
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:19:40 +1300

Akim Demaille writes:

 > Great!  So I think we will soon integrate your work in Bison.  But
 > again, seeing it accepted by GCC would certainly speed the process
 > up :)

I was going to bring this up again on the GCC list.  Currently,
attention is being focused on rolling out another release.

 > And, why the *(& "^&% heck do sbitset have to
 > be bitset_zero before being usable?  I lost quite some time trying to
 > understand what was happening: bison was badly broken :(  wit
 > bitset_zero it works fine but...

Yes, I agree that the bitsets should be all initialized to zero to
keep things more consistent.  I have a simple patch for this and for a
typo in the previous patch I sent.


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