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Re: failure to call copy_character

From: Florian Krohm
Subject: Re: failure to call copy_character
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 20:32:45 -0400

> |
> |           case '{':
> | -           obstack_1grow (&action_obstack, c);
> | +           copy_character (&action_obstack, c);
> |             ++count;
> |             break;
> These two are quite useless, but it is safer, so do as you want wrt
> this one.

Yes, I know. I did it because I thought that copy_character should be
the only function that knows which characters need special treatment.
If we decide to follow this rule, then there are some more occurences
of obstack_1grow that should be changed. It would be more consistent

> Please, install.



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