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Re: Bitsets

From: Michael Hayes
Subject: Re: Bitsets
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 18:26:42 +1200

Zack Weinberg writes:

 > I do want to see some pretty hefty rearranging of the code before it
 > goes in, however:

Yikes, there goes my holiday ;-)

 > current name                    suggested new name
 > libbitset/bitset.h              include/bitset.h
 > libbitset/bitset_stats.h        include/bitset_stats.h


 > libbitset/bitsetv.h             include/bitset_vec.h

The routines in this header are all prefixed with bitsetv.  Should
the prefixes be changed to bitset_vec?

 > libbitset/bbitset.h             include/bitset_private.h


 > libbitset/abitset.h             }
 > libbitset/ebitset.h             } combine into one file,
 > libbitset/lbitset.h             } libdata/bitset/impl.h
 > libbitset/vbitset.h             }

Yeah, OK.

 > libbitset/abitset.c             libdata/bitset/i-array.c
 > libbitset/ebitset.c             libdata/bitset/i-table.c
 > libbitset/lbitset.c             libdata/bitset/i-list.c
 > libbitset/vbitset.c             libdata/bitset/i-varray.c

Why the i- prefix?  Is this a common notation for an implementation.
Why not just, array, table, list, varray, etc?

 > libbitset/bitset.c              libdata/bitset/dispatch.c
 > libbitset/bitset_stats.c        libdata/bitset/stats.c
 > libbitset/bitsetv.c             libdata/bitset/vectors.c

Yeah, well, OK.  I guess I like to prefix my methods with the name
of the file that they live in.

 > libbitset/libbitset.texi        libdata/doc/bitset.texi  (bitset-specific)
 >                                 libdata/doc/libdata.texi (other)
 > libbitset/           libdata/
 > libbitset/          libdata/
 > libbitset/           libdata/
 > libbitset/configure             libdata/configure


 > libbitset/libiberty.h           (delete)

Yip, this was a hack.

 > This gives us a 'data structure' library directory which can be used
 > for future generic data structures; it also makes the file names quite
 > a bit less cryptic.  Please do not put a Makefile in libdata/bitset;
 > use nonrecursive make techniques.

What about a Makefile fragment containing the dependencies?

What about a testsuite?


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