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Re: workaround for current test failures

From: Paul Hilfinger
Subject: Re: workaround for current test failures
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:29:31 -0700

Sigh. Well, I see it has happened again: the last bison checkin
failed to bootstrap on my machine with the message

       cvs [checkout aborted]: no such tag gettext-0_12_1

because the latest bison requires gettext 0.12.1.  But gettext 0.12.1
appeared on the mirrors on about 27 May 2003, about three weeks ago!
Some cautious types would claim that I *shouldn't* install it!

As I said yesterday, this near-instantaneous adaptation of the latest
version of support software is not standard practice.  Generally, an
individual project should build with N-year-old versions of all
relevant support software (or later versions, of course).  I'm not one
of those sticks-in-the-mud who think that N>10 is essential, but is
N=2 so very unreasonable?


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