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Re: To allow hex and oct %token values

From: Odd Arild Olsen
Subject: Re: To allow hex and oct %token values
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 09:07:08 +0100
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On Thursday 04 March 2004 16:35, Tim Van Holder wrote:
> The main problem is that this is a breaking change - the (few) people
> that felt the need to specify specific token numbers may have done so
> like this:
>     %token FOO     0800
>     %token BAR     0801
>     ...
>     %token XYZZY   1077
> which is valid according to the current situation.  With your change
> however, it breaks completely. 
I see, I'm used to C and did not imagine that anyone would start a decimal 
number with a 0 :)

> Aside from the fact that you should
> check that strtoul was able to parse the entire token and given an error
> if not, the above can no longer work (FOO and BAR would likely both get
> value 0 or ULONG_MAX, for example, as strtoul will error out when it
> hits the 8, which isn't a valid octal digit).

> Adding hex support would not cause such breakage, and may be a valid
> extension to consider.
> I'm also not sure how such changes would impact POSIX compliance.

Thanks for considering the proposed change. 

Odd Arild Olsen

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