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Re: i18n for yacc backend messages

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: i18n for yacc backend messages
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 09:50:52 +0200
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Paul Eggert writes:

> OK, but it seems to me that sometimes you'll want to translate the
> token strings, and sometimes not.

Yes, that's right.  I didn't know about aliases before, but you do not
want to translate literal token strings.

It would be nice (TM) if bison could see the difference between STRING
(with lexed string "foo") and BOOK, with alias "\book" and lexed
string "\book".  I had a look yesterday, but it didn't seem obvious to
me that this is possible at all.  It it were, we have two type of
syntax error:

    syntax error: unexpected STRING: foo, expected ...


    syntax error: unexpected \book, expected ...

> Perhaps this should be an option
> that is visible to the Bison user.  For example, perhaps we could use
> a syntax similar to Bash, so that the user will write this:
>   $"abc"
> if they want "abc" to be translated.  They would continue to write
> without $ for tokens like "+" that should not be translated.

Yes, that would be nice.

> I fixed them and installed the following patch.

Thanks, this looks great.

> This should address the single-message part of your request, so all
> that's needed is to handle the translations of token names.



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