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Re: push parser implemenation

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: push parser implemenation
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 10:15:40 +0200

Le 27 avr. 06 à 03:39, Bob Rossi a écrit :

Sorry for the delayed response. I've been in the hospital since Saturday with my wife and son and just got home today. It turns out that he is perfectly

That's nice to read!  Have a nice recovery.

I don't think there is a good programming reason, but I really don't
know. The only thing I can think of is we may make more system calls in
a particular parser mode.

It is certainly not I/O that make the difference: there is the exact
same amount of yylex calls in every case.  So can it be a memory
allocation issue?  I fail to see how it can be: the stack are
certainly very similar, there is no deep recursion added etc.
I have no clue.  And I don't know how to find out.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'm ready to switch to a new skeleton.
Now let's focus on making the code nicer to read.  But what do the
other members of the team (the Pauls and Joel) think?

This sounds like a good idea to me, at least to track changes like
you've stated. However, I don't think I have write privileges to the
CVS repository. Can this be granted? or should I just post patches here?

You definitely need to sign legal papers for Bison itself, those of
GDB won't do.  Nevertheless I doubt we need to have finish this step
to include your skeleton in the CVS repository.  Paul, am I right?

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