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Re: --version for CVS Bison

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: --version for CVS Bison
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 08:39:33 +0200

Le 29 mai 06 à 08:29, Paul Eggert a écrit :

All other things being equal, it's better for --version output to be
consistent with the rest of the program.  Otherwise we'd have to
document the inconsistency, and explain why it's inconsistent, and I
suspect that whatever explanation we come up with (which I don't fully
understand myself yet) would cause more trouble than it'd cure.

I have practiced both, and I prefer Joel's solution because it is much
easier to live with for the maintainers.  In particular, changing the
tarball name means to run autoconf at each ChangeLog change, Gosh!
And if you don't do that immediately, then it's make distcheck that
fails because its inner make dist does not build the expected tarball
name. Finally, you end up with tons of tarballs in your build directory.

I would have selected Joel's solution, but with a new change-id.c file
to save cycles.

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