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Re: Interactive parsing with Bison

From: Satya
Subject: Re: Interactive parsing with Bison
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:27:04 -0500

 > %token TOK_IF   "if"  { //Action for if }
 > %token TOK_NUMBER "[0-9]+" { //action for number }

 > though this would be breaking an age old tradition of separating the
 > lexer and parser... (which has got its own advantages);

This is indeed a tempting idea, but there are many pitfalls bu there.
Let's serialize challenges...

I really dont know about the pitfalls, but Bison would go on to become
a self sufficient language tool if we can do this;

As for the challenges - backward compatibility would definitely be an
issue; hmm, I guess I dont have enough experience to think of
anymore.. :)


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