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Re: Interactive parsing with Bison

From: Frans Englich
Subject: Re: Interactive parsing with Bison
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 10:25:33 +0000
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On Saturday 01 July 2006 16:01, Satya wrote:
> > Well, I installed the following patch and I'll stop doxygening to
> > avoid further conflicts.  We need to apply your changes as soon as
> > possible to avoid them in the future.  Also, please, make the
> > Doxygenation as clean as possible, using all its bells and whistles.
> I sent out the mail for papers; while I am waiting for them, here is a
> little patch; pls take a good look at it when you can and let me know
> if you'd like it any different.


+ * \file assoc.h

You don't have to specify the filename since you put the @file tag in the 
file. Doxygen will figure it out for you. (Applies for other files to, 
gram.h, possibly more)

+/** Associativity values for tokens and rules.*/

I would consistently format it. E.g:

 * Associativity values for tokens and rules.

In this way it is consistent. But one could argue that this is taste, of 
Looks like three different ways are used:

+/** DERIVES[SYMBOL - NTOKENS] points to a vector of the rules that
+ *  SYMBOL derives, terminated with NULL.  
+ */

There is whitespace at the end of many lines. Search with your editor.



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