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Re: [SPAM] Re: [updated PATCH] %language declaration

From: Joel E. Denny
Subject: Re: [SPAM] Re: [updated PATCH] %language declaration
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 02:52:57 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

> > Thanks.  Unfortunately, this is an older version of his patch, which hadn't
> > yet fixed some of those problems.  The latest version I'm aware of is here:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I think the following patch imports the remaining differences plus some of
> > our other suggestions.  Ok to commit?
> Right.

Thanks for checking it.  I don't think there's anything controversial 
here, so I went ahead and committed it.

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