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Re: gettext for skeletons

From: Joel E. Denny
Subject: Re: gettext for skeletons
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 03:53:59 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Tim Van Holder wrote:

> Also, it looks like all messages get routed through b4_warn_at,
> b4_complain, b4_fatal, which I assume end up mapped to calls to C
> functions of similar name.  Would it not be simpler to add a gettext
> call as part of that mapping - then all that's needed is a script
> to extract the strings (and M4 seems ideally suited for that).
> In fact, it looks like that's how it was implemented.

Yes, that's what I did originally.  Then I started thinking about how to 
extract it from an M4 file.  For example, consider the b4_warn_at 
invocation in b4_check_user_names.  I imagined treating the entire M4 file 
as plain unparsed text and looking specifically for occurrences of 
@gettext<...@>.  This also seems easiest for helping the human recognize 
that his text will be extracted literally for translation: contained M4 
macro invocations will not be expanded.

However, it seems Paolo has some magic in the works, so we'll see.

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