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Pushing candidates

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Pushing candidates
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:26:02 +0200

Hi all,

I have plenty of changes on my machine that I would like
to push.  I have to clean them, in particular I have to
write ChangeLog entries (there is just the git log) if we
really want to maintain the file ChangeLog.  In addition,
most of these changes should go into post-2.4.  So I
don't want to push into master.

But I can't push them in some new branch.  Any idea?
The message is a bit terse.

address@hidden ~/src/urbi/2.0/bison $ git push -v fsf master:refs/ heads/make-symbol
Pushing to git://
Looking up ... done.
Connecting to (port 9418) ... done.
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
address@hidden ~/src/urbi/2.0/bison $ git --version
git version

There is also one quite large change of that I'm
not sure I will be able to split easily.  It is the result
of several incremental changes and some deep implementation
changes that have been squashed together.

The titles of the changes:

 > Locations are no longer required by
 > Formatting fixes: Squash lex-ctor.
 > Support parens in calc++.
 > Simplify since %defines is mandatory.
 > TODO: yyfmt.
 > Prefer M4 to CPP.
 > Support i18n of the parse error messages.
 > More TODO.
 > Make it possible to return a symbol_type from yylex.
 > Remove useless bench case.
 > Improve display of directives.
 > Use string_cast in the bench.
 > Replace yychar with a Boolean.
 > Factor the tables.
 > Let yytranslate handle the eof case.
 > yychar cannot be empty in yyerrlab.
 > Bench %d.
 > Less memory pressure on the "list" bench.
 > make_symbol.
 > Inform m4 whether a tag is a valid id.
 > Update.
 > Formatting changes.
 > More information about the symbols.
 > Regen.
 > Make parser::yytranslate static.
 > Avoid trailing spaces.
 > Comment changes.
 > Skeleton comment changes.
 > Use "enum" for integral constants.
 > Shortcuts in bench directives.
 > Formatting changes.
 > Adjust verbose message to using emacs.
 > Classify symbols by type-name.
 > Change the handling of the symbols in the skeletons.
 > --trace=muscles
 > muscles_output.
 > Formatting changes.
 > Update the variant example.
 > Support constructor with an argument.
 > Test variants.
 > Regen.
 > Add %precedence support.
 > Make benches in a sub dirs.
 > fix eof condition
 > Fix --help.
 > Require the generation of parse-gram.output.
 > Formatting changes.
 > Update TODO.
 > Check yyerrok in
 > Support yyerrok in
 > Enhance
 > Use a static hierarchy for symbols in the C++ parser.
 > -d, --directive.
 > Use inlune for small operations.
 > Introduce a hierarchy for symbols.
 > Rename data_type and stack_symbol_type.
 > Handle semantic value and location together.
 > Push a complete symbol, not connected parts.
 > Agregate yylval and yylloc.
 > Rely on the state stack to display reduction traces.
 > Fuse yyval and yyloc into yylhs.
 > Moving push traces into yypush_.
 > The single-stack C++ parser is now the standard one.
 > Avoid empty-if warnings.
 > Regen.
 > Pass command line location to skeleton_arg and language_argmatch.
 > -D, --define.
 > Initialize the muscle table before parsing the command line.
 > Locations without columns for command line arguments.
 > Fix --help.
 > Handle more general types of option arguments.
 > Destroy the variants that remain on the stack in case of error.
 > Add "%define assert" to variants.
 > Bind the use of variants to "%define variant".
 > Regen.
 > Use b4_copyright_years.
 > Formatting changes.
 > Formatting changes.
 > Use strict on
 > Remove spurious initial empty lines.
 > Improve the display of sizes.
 > Don't memcpy C++ structures.
 > Better defaults for
 > Make variant.yy more complex.
 > --bench.
 > Sort methods.
 > Useless parens.
 > Issue missing synclines after user actions.
 > Remove trailing empty line.
 > Fix output of copyright years.
 > Avoid the spurious initial empty line.
 > Remove parser::rhs_number_type.
 > Fix iteration type.
 > Factor the declaration of the integer tables.
 > Fix indentation of tables in
 > Destroy the lhs symbols after reduction.
 > Simplify yysyntax_error_ use.
 > Let yy::variant::build return an lvalue.
 > Fix a comment.
 > Define yy::variant only when needed.
 > Bench the three-stack
 > Fail on parse error in calc++.
 > Don't specify the skeleton twice in the example.
 > bench: Improve output.
 > bench: check impact of %debug on variants.
 > bench: report the size too.
 > bench: More use of the verbosity level.
 > a command line interface
 > Bench the use of Boost.Variants.
 > Pass directives as a list instead of as a string.
 > Improve genericity of
 > Add documentation to
 > A polymorphic YYSTYPE for C++ (instead of the %union).
 > Make gnulib a submodule.

As an example, here is a example of a C++ parser that can
use objects.  See the yylex interface too.

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