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Re: [PATCH] Supporting git-merge-changelog

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Supporting git-merge-changelog
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 10:15:36 +0200

Le 26 août 08 à 09:22, Paul Hilfinger a écrit :

Well, at last I understand why people like VC log files!  It would
NEVER have occurred to me to use 'less' for this purpose. For
reading, editing, and modifying a change log, I use Emacs, as I do
for all other files.

Well, there is M-x git-log-file too :)  It is not "interactive" yet,
but I guess that you will be able to get the patch itself some day.

And for writing the git log entries, since I use the ChangeLog mode,
they are the same.

Another question occurs to me.  The ChangeLog is part of a source
release, whether that be via VC system or tarball.  It would be a
shame to lose it when distributing releases as tarballs.  How would
you handle this?

I would have generated that file from the git log.  Just like it
was done initialy btw, from the rcs log of Bison :)

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