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about the bootstrapping problem

From: Alex Rozenman
Subject: about the bootstrapping problem
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 11:09:13 +0200

Bonjour Akim,

Just a few words regarding the bootstrapping issue.

I use exactly the following procedure to chekout bison:

> git clone git://
> git submodule update --init
> ./bootstrap

The bootstrap then failed with two errors:

error: possibly undefined macro: AM_LANGINFO_CODESET
error: possibly undefined macro: gl_GLIBC21

After an investigation I did, I was able to fix the error by removing two
following lines from 'excluded_files' list in bootstrap.conf:

The source of error was probably, that AM_LANGINFO_CODESET and gl_GLIBC21
macros were used somewhere in 'm4' directory but were not defined. After the
fix, bootstrapping process brings two files, containing appropriate
definitions as symbolic links m4 -> gnulib/m4 and everything works fine.

Could you please advice me, which mailing list is more appropriate for this
kind of questions ?

Merci beaucoup,
Alex Rozenman (address@hidden).

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