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Re: testsuite: work around autoconf 2.63b bug

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: testsuite: work around autoconf 2.63b bug
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 07:19:31 -0600
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According to Joel E. Denny on 4/7/2009 1:38 PM:
>> Do you prefer me applying topic branches and then merging up from oldest to 
>> newest (how automake.git and git.git behave), or just linear history with 
>> cherry-picking (how findutils.git and m4.git have been behaving)?  
>> gnulib.git 
>> also uses linear history, but unless you have multiple active branches, the 
>> question is moot.  I kind of like the idea of merging topic branches.
> I've been cherry picking because I can easily understand that approach.  
> I haven't studied merging topic branches enough to decide whether it's 
> worthwhile.  Will that approach quickly accumulate dead branches in 
> bison.git?  Will commits with multiple parents make future use of 
> bison.git more confusing?  Anyway, if you feel it's advantageous, go for 
> it, and maybe I'll learn something new.

OK, I'll take some time today to mock up an approach, taking notes of what
I did to make explaining it easier, and post the results to my clone at for review.  If you like how it looks,
we can then push it to savannah.

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