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Re: FYI: variables: accept dashes

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: FYI: variables: accept dashes
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 22:08:53 +0200

Le 23 avr. 09 à 07:00, Joel E. Denny a écrit :

I wanted to push it seem Joel preferred dashes to underscores in his newly
introduced variables.

I was able to cherry-pick this patch into branch-2.5 without any other
cherry-picking. The main conflict was that I couldn't apply the bison.m4
change, but that change isn't relevant in branch-2.5, right?

The clash was big in bison.m4, indeed, and I stopped there. But you are right, we don't need it.

The other
conflict relates to the change discussed below, and it's superficial.
Did I miss anything? I think it's a nice patch, and I'd like to use it.
I haven't pushed.

Please, go ahead.

diff --git a/src/parse-gram.y b/src/parse-gram.y
index 20dee8c..caa3d30 100644
--- a/src/parse-gram.y
+++ b/src/parse-gram.y
@@ -535,15 +535,12 @@ rhs:

-| STRING { $$ = uniqstr_new ($1); } /* deprecated and not M4- friendly */
+| STRING { $$ = uniqstr_new ($1); }

The idea is that quotes around a variable name were deprecated in 2.3b.
Moreover, that form is allowed to break Bison:

 % cat >tmp.y <<EOF
 %define "[" "value"
 start: ;
 % bison tmp.y
/home/jdenny/installs/m4/using/bin/m4:stdin:190: ERROR: end of file in string /home/jdenny/cs/bison/bison-git/src/bison: subsidiary program `/ home/jdenny/installs/m4/using/bin/m4' failed (exit status 1)

Maybe the comment here just needed to be more descriptive?

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I removed it because I thought that in the past we might have simply transformed %define into m4_define (I honestly don't remember if there were a previous version), in which case, "foo bar" was not m4 friendly. Since now we are using your m4_define([b4_percent_$1]...) and use m4_indir, we no longer had this problem. But you show we have others.

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