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Fight nondeterminism in error messages

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Fight nondeterminism in error messages
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 23:32:05 +0200

Hi Joel, Hello, World!\n,

Sorry for being so distant currently :(

Here is a long due patch that should address a problem Joel reported some time ago. Instead of making the test suite robust to nondeterminism, I finally decided it was nicer not to be nondeterministic. And while at it, I chose to use a more traditional (for Bison) layout for error messages:

input.y:12.12-20: tokens HEXADECIMAL_2 and DECIMAL_2 both assigned number 16702650 input.y:9.8-20: tokens DECIMAL_1 and HEXADECIMAL_1 both assigned number 11259375


input.y:10.12-20: user token number 11259375 redeclaration for DECIMAL_1
input.y:9.8-20: previous declaration for HEXADECIMAL_1
input.y:12.12-20: user token number 16702650 redeclaration for DECIMAL_2
input.y:11.8-20: previous declaration for HEXADECIMAL_2

I have not pushed it because I'd like to have opinions. I don't like "redeclaration" for "user token number", "assigned again"/"previous assignment" seems better to me, but if we can keep "declaration" that's better as it is less work for the translators. And IANAN (I am not a native).



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