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Re: Warn about character literals not of length one.

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Warn about character literals not of length one.
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 19:58:02 +0000 (UTC)
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Joel E. Denny <jdenny <at>> writes:

>   /* Characters.  We don't check there is only one.  */
> Is there some good reason why we shouldn't check?  If not, then I'd like 
> to push the following patch (written against branch-2.5) to master and 
> branch-2.5.  Any objections?

None from me.

> In the new test group, I wish I could check the case where a character 
> literal ends at eof without a newline.  However, the documentation for 
> AT_DATA demands that the file contents end with an "end of line", so I'm 
> not sure what to do.  I might write the Autoconf people later if no one 
> around here already knows how to work around this limitation.

That's an inherent limitation of AT_DATA (since it is implemented using a shell 
here-doc); the only way around it is to manually use printf or $ECHO_N to 
concatenate data to the end of the desired file.

I've been meaning to add a new macro to autotest to allow more flexibility in 
generating files (no trailing newline, and/or allowing shell expansions) but it 
will not be in time for autoconf 2.64.  Feel free to ping the autoconf list, so 
that I'll have a reminder email.

Eric Blake

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