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Re: "notes" mechanism

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: "notes" mechanism
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 11:06:07 +0200

On 28 Jul 2009, at 08:16, Alex Rozenman wrote:

Can you explain your motivation a little more? Is it that you want to reuse the same *_at invocations to list variants in both the warning and complaint cases? You could add to note_at a bool argument that specifies
whether to invoke warn_at or complain_at.

My motivation was the following:
1) Keep overall *number* of errors/warnings issued by bison reasonable. When bison issues an "ambiguity" error with 10 sub-messages, overall number of errors (if one does "grep" on output, or, alternatively bison itself will
count them and print a summary message) should be one.
2) Not to see the "warning" word in each sub-message.

This was discussed before, but in a bit different context (diagnostic messages for the Bison generated parser):

Some compilers, in addition to error and warning diagnostic messages, can issue "info".


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