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bison and gccgo go language

From: tys lefering
Subject: bison and gccgo go language
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 01:02:02 +0100
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Hello Akim,

The google go language gcc frontend is
now in gcc svn called gccgo.

Soon it will be in main gcc source tree
and distributed with gcc installations.

Are there plans to make bison generate
output for the go language already ?

Here a summary of some links to this:

about gccgo:
The GCC Steering Committee has accepted
the contribution of the gccgo front-end
and gcc-specific runtime for the go language.

in the gcc svn branches:

a yacc based parser generator tool written in go

go language project on googlecode:

the go language grammar for bison

go grammar parser error handling is using a awk script:

# It reads Bison's summary of a grammar followed by a file
# like go.errors, replacing lines beginning with % by the
# yystate and yychar that will be active when an error happens
# while parsing that line.

Tys Lefering.

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