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Re: LAC (lookahead correction) for syntax error handling

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: LAC (lookahead correction) for syntax error handling
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:00:02 +0100

Le 24 déc. 2010 à 05:51, Joel E. Denny a écrit :

Hi Joel,

Nice christmas gift you made us!  Sorry for the delays, my backlog is, err, 
significant :)

> LAC is the last major new feature I had planned for Bison 2.5.  Without 
> LAC, IELR is guaranteed to behave like canonical LR only for syntactically 
> correct sentences.  With LAC, IELR is also guaranteed to behave like 
> canonical LR for syntactically incorrect sentences.  (However, LAC also 
> fixes problems for canonical LR in some cases.)  Perhaps most notably, LAC 
> fixes the expected token list in syntax error messages produced by 
> %error-verbose.  See NEWS for more details.

This is nice work.  I have not read it in all the details, but it is, as usual, 
well commented, documented, and tested.  Yet, I expected to find some reference 
to some published work.  Do you have something about this?

I think we should create a Reference section pointing to the various papers on 
top of which Bison is built.

How far do you think 2.5 is from being released?  Rough estimation, of course.

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