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minor error in tables.c

From: Angelo Borsotti
Subject: minor error in tables.c
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 09:28:36 +0100


I think there is  minor error in tables.c, function pack_vector, line 676:

      for (j = lowzero - from[0]; ; j++)

This line should be:

      for (j = lowzero -  state_number_as_int(from[0]); ; j++)

7 lines below it, state_number_as_int (from[k]) is added to j. Thus, either
always add the values contained in "from" as converted by
or never do it.
Currently, the function  state_number_as_int() simply returns its argument,
and this means that the error never shows up, but if in the future it will
be changed
the program would behave incorrectly.

-Angelo Borsotti

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