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maint: improve release procedure instructions

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: maint: improve release procedure instructions
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 15:38:17 +0200

installed in maint.

From 6733d0247657f0f46a9fd27e3525b83bae24ae13 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Akim Demaille <address@hidden>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 14:41:56 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] maint: improve release procedure instructions.

* gnulib: Update, in particular (README-release).
* bootstrap.conf: don't require gendocs, provided by gnu-web-doc-update,
provided by readme-release.
* README-hacking: Update accordingly.
 README-hacking |   37 ++++++++++++-------------------------
 bootstrap.conf |    6 +++---
 gnulib         |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)

diff --git a/README-hacking b/README-hacking
index b3364ac..cfb4b31 100644
--- a/README-hacking
+++ b/README-hacking
@@ -248,25 +248,10 @@ copyright statement for each Bison file, check the 
copyright statements
 that the skeletons insert into generated parsers, and check all
 occurrences of PACKAGE_COPYRIGHT_YEAR in
-** Update NEWS
-The version number, *and* the date of the release (including for
+** Update NEWS, commit and tag.
+See do-release-commit-and-tag in README-release.
-** Mention the release name in a commit message
-Should have an entry similar to "Version 2.3b.".
-** Tag the release
-Before Bison will build with the right version number, you must tag
-the release in git.  Do this after all other changes.  The command is
-similar to:
-  git tag -a v2.3b -m "Bison 2.3b."
-** Push
-Once "make distcheck" passes, push your changes and the tag.
-"git push" without arguments will not push the tag.
-** make alpha, beta, or release
+** make alpha, beta, or stable
 See README-release.
 ** Upload
@@ -287,8 +272,8 @@ where F125BDF3 should be replaced with your key ID.
 *** Using gnupload
 You need "ncftp".
-At the end "make release" (or alpha/beta) will display the prodecure
-to run.  Just copy and paste it in your shell.
+At the end "make stable" (or alpha/beta) will display the prodecure to
+run.  Just copy and paste it in your shell.
 *** By hand
@@ -359,7 +344,8 @@ function 'index', once for the table of contents); you can 
ignore this
 ** Announce
-To generate a template announcement file:
+The "make stable" (or alpha/beta) command just created a template,
+$HOME/announce-bison-X.Y.  Otherwise, to generate it, run:
   make RELEASE_TYPE=alpha gpg_key_ID=F125BDF3 announcement
@@ -379,11 +365,12 @@ newsgroup by sending email to address@hidden  Do not make 
any Cc as
 the moderator will throw away anything cross-posted or Cc'ed.  It really
 needs to be a separate message.
-** Bump the version number
-In  Run "make".  So that developers don't accidentally add new
-items to the old NEWS entry, create a new empty NEWS entry something like:
+** Prepare NEWS
+So that developers don't accidentally add new items to the old NEWS
+entry, create a new empty entry in line 3 (without the two leading
-  Changes in version ?.? (????-??-??):
+  * Noteworthy changes in release ?.? (????-??-??) [?]
 Push these changes.
diff --git a/bootstrap.conf b/bootstrap.conf
index e735467..aa05e34 100644
--- a/bootstrap.conf
+++ b/bootstrap.conf
@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@
 # gnulib modules used by this package.
-  announce-gen argmatch assert calloc-posix close closeout config-h c-strcase
+  argmatch assert calloc-posix close closeout config-h c-strcase
-  error extensions fdl fopen-safer gendocs getopt-gnu
+  error extensions fdl fopen-safer getopt-gnu
   gettext git-version-gen gitlog-to-changelog
   gpl-3.0 hash inttypes isnan javacomp-script
-  javaexec-script ldexpl maintainer-makefile malloc-gnu mbschr mbsrchr
+  javaexec-script ldexpl malloc-gnu mbschr mbsrchr
   mbswidth obstack perror progname
   quote quotearg
diff --git a/gnulib b/gnulib
index db60bb4..b42157d 160000
--- a/gnulib
+++ b/gnulib
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit db60bb41e9f676668f9b0e08e1e7fed4df3ab553
+Subproject commit b42157dd01e3243646f5a8270c09ee125a8aca21

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